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Advanced Plastics, Inc. was founded in 1959 by H. D. (Bill) Willcutts, Jr., one of the first manufacturers of fiberglass-bottom houseboats in the United States. Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics was in it’s infancy in the 1950’s; Bill saw the possibilities that FRP afforded, particularly in marine applications. As business increased and the technology progressed, he saw an opportunity for a company to supply these products - and API was born.

With a humble beginning of only two employees, API steadily and slowly grew. In 1962, Mobile Home parts were added to the product line, mostly due to shared parts and accessories in the marine market, particularly houseboats. Thermoplastic materials (sheet, rod & tube) were added in 1964 in an effort to expand into other areas of the plastics business. Also, about this time, synthetic cultured marble began appearing on the scene, and API began catering to these customers as well.

In 1967, a tragic small-plane accident took the life of Mr. Willcutts, and Roy Abner (one of the two original employees) became President. Continuing the principles of offering quality, dependable products with exceptional service, and the hard work of our employees and salespeople, the business thrived, and territory increased.

The 1970’s and 80’s saw a period of rapid expansion for API. A strategic move to consolidate resulted in the sale of the Mobile Home parts division to a competitor in 1983. Some of the capital resulting from the sale was reinvested in the form of our first computer, giving up-to-the-minute information about inventory, pricing, accounts receivable/payable, etc. The rest went for branch expansion.

With the increased ability to manage information, our first branch warehouse in Knoxville was opened in 1984. It’s success spawned other branches in Memphis (’86), Pelham, Alabama ('88), St. Louis, Missouri ('95), and Ooltewah, Tennessee ('95).  In 1989, after 20 years at our original location, API moved our corporate headquarters in Nashville to a brand-new office / warehouse facility (our current location). The 1997 purchase of Gulf Coast Resins, in Elberta, Alabama provided access to the Gold (Gulf) Coast region of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida.  In 2005, API acquired certain assets of Seeman Fiberglass in Harahan, LA, and our 8th location servicing customers in Louisiana began operations.  We also completed construction of a first-class distribution facility in St. Louis and moved our existing branch operation.

Today, with over 50 employees and eight locations, Advanced Plastics continues it’s tradition of offering "Quality Products and Service" to our customers, the same principles on which it was founded over 50 years ago.

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