Resins for Cast Polymers

Advanced Plastics carries a full line of resins specifically tailored to meet individual applications in the Cultured Marble, Cast Onyx and Solid Surface Industries.  Our job is to provide you with the latest in technology with competent advice, quality service and competitive pricing.   For complete information, including product bulletins, MSDS, etc., please give us a call at any of our locations.  We want your business!

We are proud suppliers of quality resins manufactured by Cook Composites & Polymers (CCP) and Reichhold Chemicals (RCI).

Cook Composites & Polymers - CCP

Marketed under the STYPOL® product name, Cook Composites and Polymers has a fine product line of quality consistent resins designed specifically for the cultured cast polymer industry. These resins feature low exotherm, minimal gel and cure time drift, are resistant to warping and cracking, and accept high filler loads. All of CCP's products are designed to help manufacturers pass ANSI Z.124-Series or the ICPA LS2-76 Thermal Shock Test. See below for the types of STYPOL® Resins that API stocks on a regular basis in our warehouses.

Each Advanced Plastics warehouse stocks the particular CCP resins most called for in that specific area. Any CCP resin product can be special ordered and, with Advanced Plastics transportation network, delivered with a minimum lead time.

CCP resins are Competitive, Consistent and Proven. Call your Advanced Plastics professional to select the resin system which will best suit your requirements.


Viscosity @
25° C (77° F)

Catalyst %

Gel Time (mins)

Advantages / Features / Uses
40-5739 2350 10 13 Stypol® 40-5739 is the standard prepromoted, low shrink, resilient resin specifically designed to be suitable for all cultured marble casting applications.
40-5711 3300 1.0 13 Stypol® 40-5711 is a more viscous version of 40-5739, specifically designed for hot weather, bathtubs, shower pans, and complicated parts, where a more forgiving resin is desirable.
40-5722 1500 1.0 16 Stypol® 40-5722 is a medium viscosity, pre- promoted, low reactivity resilient resin designed for cultured marble flat stock and vanity applications.
40-5762 1300-1600 1.25 9-11 Stypol® 40-5762 is a medium viscosity, medium-high reactive, resilient, prepromoted resin formulated for cultured marble applications
40-5785 1600 1.0 12 Stypol® 40-5785 is another medium viscosity resin for synthetic marble applications. Faster gel-time and but a less viscous version of 40-5739.
40-5985 1200 1.2 13 Stypol® 40-5985 is a medium viscosity, medium reactive, medium exotherm resilient resin specifically formulated for marble vanities and flat stock. It is distinguished by high filler load acceptance, good filler suspension, and resistance to warping and cracking
40-5903 1000-1300 1.25 9.5-11.5 Stypol® 40-5903 is an NPG-isopthalic formulation specifically for production of high-grade densified solid-surface marble.

Reichhold Chemicals, Inc. - RCI

Polylite® resins from Reichhold are designed for specific applications, as outlined below. We also offer custom tailored formulations to meet specific, unique requirements of gel, cure, viscosity, climate changes, and end product properties.

All Reichhold resins are compatible for use in automated dispensing equipment and are suitable for densified marble productions as well as continuous casting. Reichhold marble resins are generally supplied pre-promoted and require only the addition of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide to effect room temperature gelation and cure.

The chart below includes those resins Advanced Plastics stocks on a regular basis and will help you to select the best resin for your particular need. We can also provide non-stock items to customers on a case-by-case basis.

Resin Viscosity
@ 25° C
Gel Time 1.25% Superox® 46-709 MEKPeroxide in Minutes Advantages / Features / Uses
32-124-12 2000-2400 10-15 Medium/High viscosity Resin. Developed for tub, vanities and large parts where thermal shock resistance is important. The low color of 32-124 allows low pigment concentrations for backgrounds and veining.
32-136-00 1200-1500 9-14 General Purpose Vanity Resin. Medium viscosity, good thermal shock. Recommended for general purpose vanity and flat stock production
32-143-00 300-400 10-13 Metal Mold Resin. Good thermal shock, high reactivity. Recommended for use with metal molds where fast mold turnover is required.
32-153-00 1200-1400 10-14 Onyx Resin. Good thermal shock, water-white clear. For use with aluminum tri-hydrate or glass frit for onyx or granite applications.
32-166-15 900-1200 12-17* Acrylic-Modified ISO/NPG Solid Surface Resin specifically developed for vacuum-mixed and non-gel-coated applications. Does not require post cure. Will not bleach or discolor after continuous water exposure. UV Stabilized. *Requires both MEKP and PDOP (2,4P) (Superox 46-731) to catalyze.


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