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The creation of cast polymer (also known as cultured marble, solid surface, synthetic marble, etc.) traces it's roots back to the late 1950's, when creative manufacturers first mixed polyester resins with limestone filler, and cast onto plate glass or stainless-steel molds.  People saw the possibilities of this new material, and the industry was born.  Rapid expansion in materials, designs and manufacturing techniques have propelled cast polymer into the building material of choice for home and even commercial construction.

A thriving industry, cultured marble production has grown at a double-digit rate for the past 10 years.  Manufacturers are always looking for a quality line of products and excellent service backed by a knowledgeable and professional sales force.  We are committed to providing our customers a wide-range of products to choose from.  We welcome your inquiries and hope that you find our products and service profitable.

From the start, Advanced Plastics has provided manufacturers with the technology, experience and materials to be successful in this competitive yet profitable industry.  For all your cast polymer needs, call on us!

We encourage you to visit our on-line catalog which should give you some ideas of the products we offer.

Exclusive to Advanced Plastics is the Gruber Molds On-line catalog.  This extensive catalog contains most of the drawings, dimensions and statistics for the most popular producer of quality molds in the world.

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Lotus Bowl
Lotus Bowls on Display
The ability to manufacture with
cast polymer is limited
only by the imagination
(Polycon 99, Nashville, TN)

Gruber Autocaster
Gruber AutoCaster™
New standards in equipment
create advantages through


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