SignFoam from Sign Arts Products is the most versatile substrate to ever hit the sign market.  It's unlimited variety of applications makes it THE substrate of choice.  It can be carved, machined, routed, chiseled, sandblasted, glued, finished and painted in a multitude of colors, designs and finishes.  SignFoam will forever change the way you design and fabricate signs!


What is SignFoam?
SignFoam is a lightweight, high density polyurethane board that possesses remarkable strength and durability.  It is unlike any other foam you may have used, not only in density, but also in strength, hardness, chemical resistance, structural durability, screw holding capabilities, and thermal expansion & contraction rates.  The exceptional machining characteristics of SignFoam make it compatible with all your current manufacturing processes.  In fact, you will already own most of the equipment needed to fabricate with SignFoam.  The list of tools that can be used to shape SignFoam, as well as the effects they create, is almost endless.

Signfoam vs. Redwood
Redwood is a natural wood product grown in only one place in the entire world, the Pacific Northwest.  As we continue to use our natural resources at a rate faster than they are replenished, you can see that a cheap alternative is rapidly necessary.  SignFoam fits that bill; and better yet, it's better!

  • must be picked up at a lumber yard
  • must be assembled into a blank
  • must be laminated to required thickness
  • has knots, grain and is never consistent
  • at least a 25% waste factor
  • requires a day of labor before it can even be used
  • machines and sandblasts 3 to 4 times slower
  • splinters when removing resist tape
  • not waterproof
  • cracks, warps, checks, decays, rots and decomposes quickly
  • SignFoam can be easily fabricated to simulate redwood


Advanced Plastics is a stocking distributor for SignFoam.  Samples and an excellent brochure from Sign Art Products are available.  Call or email us today!






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