Unique, patented design for quick posting of political,
real estate, & other outdoor signs.

Lightweight, rust-proof steel design

Handy, quick-step foot pressure installation

Inserts into bottom of the sign board 

Sign Holders

Advanced Plastics is a source for StepStake® sign holders which are now being used extensively throughout the United States and Canada.

They are the best and most economical line of sign holders on the market. StepStakes® provide the maximum economy for an attractive, durable, and easy to use outdoor sign installation when used with a 4mm corrugated plastic sign board, also available from API.

There are more than the ten models available accommodating a wide range of applications.  However, we maintain in stock only the most popular model:

Stock # P394400
2-WIRE, 10" x 30", 9-gauge SS-1: Recommended for corrugated signs up to 24" x 18". A second stake can be inserted at a right angle to the sign for more rigidity. This is the most popular model.

It is recommend for corrugated signs that small tick marks be printed at the bottom to assist in centering the sign on the stake and aligning the uprights of the stake in the proper flutes. If the wires are not properly spaced, it could be difficult to mount the sign or it could crease the corrugated sign blank.

We hope these explanations will assist you in arriving at the best sign installation for your use or your customer's use. These StepStakes® are packed in attractive cartons that are designed to act as carrying cases. With an average weight of 25# per case,  StepStakes® are packed to be convenient for carrying and storage.  Give API a call for further questions.

StepStakes® patent pending, Parker Davis Company, 2310 North Tryon Street · Charlotte, NC 28206

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