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ZeroNine Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Ribbons designed to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations

ZeroNine is your source for a wide range of high quality thermal transfer ribbons.  They offer spot, process, neon and special use foils.   They are durability proven, UV tested and outdoor rated for three to five years, and are unconditionally guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Call or contact your Advanced Plastics location for samples, pricing, color charts etc.


ZeroNine's Colors are Awesome!

ZeroNine Spot Colors
Spot Color Foils give you color choices others often don't have.  And in cases where other companies' colors are similiar, ZeroNine Foils are deeper and brighter, making your creations more appealing.

ZeroNine Process Colors
Get deep saturated full color images with ZeroNine Process Color Foils.   Don't settle for other's muted palettes.  Their unique formulas use brighter colzeronine2.jpg (9296 bytes)ors that create stunning, vivid full color images.

ZeroNine Neon Colors
Caution:  Not everyone can handle their hot new Neon Green, Neon Yellow and Neon Pink Foils!  They're so bright, the should only be used in places where you want eye-grabbing, heart-stopping attention.  Hot Stuff!

Zeronine Super Opaque Black
Their Super Opaque Black Foil is brewed to a deeper black!   IT's specially made for printing on static cling or clear vinyl.  Try to look thru it and you'll see it's denser!

Zeronine Process Colors
ZeroNine Ruby Pos. is designed to make your screen making easier!   Don't bother trying to register film you can't see thru - Use the safe, Ruby colored foil and register with ease!


ZeroNine Advantages

- Manufactured to print on thermal printing equipment
- Up to 48% savings from your local supplier
- 2 size rolls, 50 and 100 yards
- Custom colors available
- Over 38 different colors unique and available
- complete color chart and samples available


Recycle your Cartridges!

zeronine3.jpg (6196 bytes)ZeroNine Foils are especially made to work in Gerber Edge machines.   ZeroNine provides foil in recycled cartridges, or can show you instructions on how to modify your existing cartridges to accept ZeroNine foils.
Printhead Settings

ZeroNine Printing Foils are thinner than most. Therefore the printhead does not have to work as hard to transfer the ink to the vinyl substrate.  When printing large areas of color, or uneven areas of color, you may notice a wrinkle in the foil which runs diagonally.  This is an indication of too much heat coming from the printhead.   If you make a this simple adjustment, the job will print much easier. This tip also holds true when using the overprint or overlap feature.  If your printer will run on a lower heat setting please take advantage of it.

Settings (4.3 version or later) located within the GAPlot-Quickplot screen:  Select the "F11 key, then select "Settings".  Select the dropdown choice box, and select "Vinyl (2 or 3.5mil & Static Cling).  Then ensure the "Lighter" buttons are checked for both the "Normal" and "Overprint".  Click "OK" and you're done!

For more information including colors, specs and troubleshooting, visit zeronine's website!:

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